diwoBlood Q questionnaire

Handling of user data, medical information

The diwoBlood Q app does not provide health or medical recommendations, calculations, references, wellness reports, or diagnoses. The questions that are asked in the diwoBlood Q app come from official bodies for blood donation, such as the AABB blood donor history questionnaire  and the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI) blood donor questionnaire. They may also come from blood donation organizations that the user of the app visits on-site for a donation.

Answers to the questions are only stored locally on the device and are not transmitted electronically.

If the donor wishes to pass the answers at a donation site to a blood donation organization he can let the diwoBlood Q app produce a two-dimensional code (qr-code) encoding his/her answers. This code can be optically scanned by authorized personnel of the blood donation organization.

A medical evaluation / advice will not be give by the diwoblood Q app. Answers given in the app will be used as one of the inputs for a medical evaluation, together with an interview and a medical examination to determine the ability of the donor to donate blood. No results of the medical evaluation are transmitted back to the diwoBlood Q app.

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The diwoBlood product suite offers a modular solution for the digitalization of the blood donation process.

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